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Navaraj Gurung, Sachida Rauniyar, Salil Kanika, Santosh Bhakta Shrestha, Shanti Raya Majhi, Shyam Nepali, Nikhil Tuladhar, Subin Shakya, Sujay Shrestha, Raman Maharjan & Aman Shahi


Navaraj Gurung – Tabla, Percussion

Navaraj is an acclaimed Tabla player of Nepal who belongs to a strong scholastic of the Nepali Tabla school – which his father, the much honored Maestro Ram Hari Gurung founded. Navaraj has acquired neo-classicist forms from his father who propounded this style during his appointment as a musician to the royal court of Nepal in the early 1900s. As a Class-A Tabla player in the National Radio – The Radio Nepal, Navaraj has successfully woven his father’s tradition and his own newer expressions in the many fusions and neo-classical music he produces. Navaraj explores to establish different styles and modes of Tabla and rhythm playing. Navaraj is the recipient of gold medal during the Radio Nepal Anniversary Award as the best performer  (1988) and of the Certificate of excellence from Prayag Sangeet Samiti India during his graduation. Navaraj was born in 1972 in Kathmandu.

Santosh Bhakta Shrestha – Ishraj

No words can suffice to describe the deep expressions Santosh’s Ishraj weeps in each of his stroke of the bow. But Santosh not only expresses the pain and tribulations of existential angst with his intricate classical music instrument but also sheer joys and exhilarations discovered in life’s and interesting turns and twirls. As the only professional Ishraj player of Nepal, he bears with him the lineage of his Guru Mohan Prashad Josi – a noted scholar of Sangeet Shiromani Late Ganesh Lal Shrestha, Santosh is a Masters Degree holder of Classical Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, India.

Sujay Shrestha – Guitar

A Civil Engineer and a Musician by occupation, Sujay switched from Tabla playing to master the Eastern Classical Guitar. He combines his knowledge of rock – the form he was playing before joining the confluence of Eastern classical music, to create newer styles and forms on the guitar. He paved his way into the world of classical guitars under the guidance of Ratan Chowdhury from India. Sujay was born in 1973 kathmandu and has already performed with many noted musicians and bands.

Kanika – Didgeridoo

Kanika is a self taught artist whose versatile skills in music – from classical singing to playing percussions and melodic instruments with an intricate blend of aboriginal and tribal forms of performing art makes him a musician of a unique stature. Kanika’s expressive utterances and his intense style of blending primal sounds of the didgeridoo with the mathematical forms of Eastern Classical and New Age rhythms are very unique. He introduced and established Didgeridoo in mainstream Nepali music. A professional theater actor, writer and visual artist, Kanika draws his creative lineage from his artistic family and his belief of the cosmic consciousness.

Nikhil Tuladhar – Djembe

Nikhil’s skill over the djembe and rhythm instruments has earned him a special place among the local and international musicians. His meticulous craftsmanship and versatile ability to mould all forms of drumming instruments is very unique and skilful. Nikhil introduced professional djembe in the mainstream Nepali music. Nikhil’s mastery of timing, rhythm and beats comes as an influence from his Tabla player father on whose laps he used to wake up hearing classical beats every morning. Nikhil manifests the aura of Nasa Deo -the god of performing arts with whom he shares his cultural and social space in the ancient part of Kathmandu town.

Aman Shahi – Singing Bowl

Aman carries the resonance and vibrations of the meditative spirits of the Kathmandu valley. From the age of 13, he has been playing and making the divine powers of the Singing Bowls him to a meditative trance with his maternal uncle Shree Krishna Shahi who was his first guru. Aman’s skill in bass guitar and percussions blend beautifully with his calm and spell bound performances of the sinning bowls. Aman is also an expert in antiques and Tantrik arts from which he derives his energy to resonate higher forms of singing bowl sounds and notes Aman is working for ways to powerfully mix the sublime sound of the singing bowl in fusion and new age music.

Raman Maharjan – Bamboo Flute

Raman is a native of Kritipur, a small Newari town in the Southern rim of Kathmandu valley vibrant with ancient Newari cultures and rich music heritage. Raman comes with this unique cultural context in his styles and skills. His humble nature flowers beautifully with a refined skill of blowing amazing melodies and ragas in the bamboo flute that he has been playing since the last fifteen years under the guidance of his guru Mohan Prasad Joshi. Raman holds a diploma in flute from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, India.

Shanti B Rayamajhi – Madal,Ghatam,Effects

Shanti is a very clam and a very talented blender of Nepali rhythm instruments to the intricate beats and cycles of classical forms. Shanti, carries the ethos of the village life and unique folk beats among which he grew up with in Bhojpur – in the middle hills of Eastern Nepal. He is a professional rhythm instrument teacher in colleges and schools.

Shyam Sharan Nepali – Sarangi,Murchangna

Shyam Sharan Nepali, son of Ram Sharan Nepali, was born in 1972 at Kirtipur. At the age of 10 he started learning the “Sarangi” “from late Ram Sharan Nepali”, the senior most Sarangi and Folk singer, better known as “Gaine” Magar Kancha Nepali. the greatest musician in the history of Nepal. Shyam’s carrer as a performer, started in 1987 when he was only 15. Since then he has been performing regularly in shows including Nepal Television and Radio Nepal. Abroad he has held stage programs in Japan, Hongkong, Italy, Qatar, India. Bangladesh. He has been honored with several prizes. His albums Lumbini, Heart Sutra, Sitar Kasha & Journey to Nepal etc.

Subin Shakya – Bass Guitar

Subin is one of the busiest bass guitarist in Kathmandu’s musical scene. His calm yet meticulous playing skill has earned him different awards and mentions. Subin has been playing Bass for more over fourteen years. He is currently the member of Strings and Trikaal. Subin is native to Patan and he bears with him the humble spirits of the town his forefathers established.

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