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You are holding a unique on a world-wide scale CD in your hand, created within 2 years with participation of several dozen people from three different countries. The CD contains 14 audio songs and Ainu presentation with Ainu Concert Video, and real source-video from realization of the CD, in Nepal. AUDIO songs are made in a brand new HD-Audio 24 bites technology. So you can play it on your DVD player normal AUDIO player and on your PC & Apple computer.

The whole CD- ideas, music composition, video & photos, montage and presentation are made by AINU, by himself. If You put the CD to Your PC computer-Please wait a moment…, and the presentation will start up automatically. The presentation is made in flash format . Enjoy yourself and do not be afraid of clicking the mouse. You will find a lot of things hidden inside. Have a good time!  

Songs & Instruments :

  1. Namaste -Live Sound From Boudha.
  1. Moments – Sayan Shahi, Lyrics,Ainu Voc & Flute Electronics, Santosh Bhakta Shrestha,Eshraj (Ishraj Mam & Sabu).
  1. Sunaulo Buddha – Raman Maharjan:Flute, Kopan Monastery Voices : Master Losang Sherab & Monk Ladies:Namdal Phuntaek, Jhampa Choezom, Lobsang Denzom, Tenzing Dadon, Navaraj Gurung : Tabla.
  1. White Sarod -Suresh Raj Bajracharaya: Sarod, Navaraj Gurung :Tabala Ainu Special Flutes acoustic-Ovation Guitar & Ainu electronic.
  1. Spirit of Kantipur – Ainu Harp, Native American Indian Voices, Ainu electronic.
  2. Temba Yoden – Temba Yoden chanting from Bouddha, Shyam Saran Nepali- Sarangi Solos, Raman Maharjan- Flute, Navaraj Gurung-Ceramic drum, Tibetan Guitar riffs from samples, Ainu electronic.
  1. Ainu on Sarangkot : Uncle Hari Sharan Nepali Sarangi. Ainu – voc & acoustic-Ovation guitar & electronic.
  1. Swoyambhu Mystery : SWOYAMBHU Monks, trumpets & drums, Ainu electronic.
  1. Nepali Keti : Kopan Monasteries voices – Anis Namdal Phunteak, Jampa Cheezom, Lobsang Denzom. Tenzin Dadon Ainu -Native American flutes & electronic.
  1. Destiny : Ainu voc & acoustic-Ovation guitar & electronic.
  1. Sach Sathi : SWOYAMBHU Monks, Trumpets & Voices & electronic and samples Santosh Bhakta Shrestha sad solo Eshraj (Ishraj).
  1. Multi-Mantra : SWOYAMBHU Monks, Trumpets Drums, Ainu electronic and Tibetan Singing Bowls samples Papa Shahi voc, acordeon.
  1. Wild Annapurna : SWOYAMBHU Monks, Ainu Harp electronic & Tibetan Singing Bowls samples.
  1. Osman Story : Osman – Tibetan Voice from T-Shirt shop, Temba Yoden & live sounds from Bouddha, Ainu-electronic
    Composer & Music Producer: Ainu

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
    Ani Choying Drolma

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    PDCST 08 – mp3
    Kenny Bass

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