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Album’s Biography

It is said that “in nothing there is everything and in everything there is nothing”. On pursuit to happiness in our life, we come across many people and incidents that makes us feel content at times but nothing last forever.

“Sunyata” or Emptiness is a feeling within us, which could lead us into bliss if we feel it right. Notes in this composition as I wrote came out of my emptiness where I dwelled and felt millions of thoughts within me. As result different memories, feelings and emotions turned into this album.


Tabala : Navaraj Gurung and Laxmi Maharjan
Flute : Umesh Pandit, Rubin Maharjan and Binod Katuwal
Chaturangi : Roshan Sharma
Saxophone : Sandeep Karki Dhali
Guitar :- Hari Maharjan
Raga : Radhika Bhandari
Djembe and Didgeridoo : Binod Katuwal and Kichaa M. Chitrakar
Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Murchunga, Effects, Extra-Percussions and
Electronic Santoor: Kichaa M. Chtirakar
Cover Design: Kichaa M. Chitrakar

All Tracks Composed, Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Kichaa M. Chitrakar

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
    Ani Choying Drolma

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    PDCST 08 – mp3
    Kenny Bass

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