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Songs & Meanings

1.Chanchari: The chachari is also called chanchari or charchari. The rhythmic dance performed to the chachari tune and song is known as chachari dance . This rhythmic dance is performed to the special chanchari song during festivals and blissful occasions. This dance is mainly popular in Tharu community of western Nepal.

2.Sebru: The sebru is well enjoyed by the peoples residing in the northern part of the country like Bhote, Sherpa, Lama, Tamang and specially lamas of northern part of the Manang district. This dance is performed in a group and is the expression of happiness and cheerful moments. In this dance, the male dancers wear Sherpa costumes like hanju, chyupatop and docha whereas, females put on hanju, syamja, ajdung .

3,.Tappa: The Tappa is a widely known folk dance which is popular among the Gurung and Magar tribes of western hilly region of Nepal.

4.Tamang Selo or Damphu Geet: Tamang Selo is appreciated among the Tamang aboriginal tribes inhabiting area around the country and is also called Damphu Geet. They hold Damphu (a musical instrument) and beat it with hands whilst singing and dancing. This song can be sung as solo, duet as well as in a group in various occasions like Marriages and other auspicious ceremonies.

5.Khyali or Dohari Geet: This song is a lyrical exchange of dialogue chiefly popular among young girls and boys. It must have a lyrical flow in pronunciation. There are different types of Khyalis. In the Limbu tribes of Taplejung district, they have a tradition wherein the girl losing to the boy in the lyrical debate should go with him. On contrary, if the boy loses, he must keep his promises. There need not be any special occasions and fixed time for these songs to be sing. They are accepted and well appreciated all over the country among all communities. There is one other similar lyrical exchange of dialogue between boys and girls which is called Dohari.

6.Satar: This is a tribal dance of eastern Nepal popular among the tribal group known as “Satar”. This dance is performed during marriage within community.

7.Jhangad: This dance is admired among the Tharu and Rajbanshi tribes, residing in different parts of terai region of Nepal. This is a folk dance of community which can be performed or organized during various occasions.

8.Bhojpuri: Bhojpuri song and dance is performed among all the community of southern part of terai region of Nepal.

9.Dhimal: This dance takes place in the Dhimal community of Morang, Jhapa of eastern terai region of Nepal. It has various types of dance in this community. The performers of this kind of dances, dance in circular semi-circular shape, expressing different moods in slow pace to the rhythmic motions.

10.Folk Tune (Karnali Zone): This folk tune is based on Deuda geet and essentially popular in Karnali zone of far-western region of Nepal.

11.Folk Tune(Mid Zone): This folk tune is widely popular in the out skirts of Kathmandu valley which is known as K anthe dhun. Due to the sweetness and melodic nature of these kinds of folk tune, it is easy to compose dance in such tunes.

12.Folk Tune(Eastern Zone): This folk tune is by far wide famous in Dharan, Dhankuta, Bhojpur and is popularly known as “Purweli Dhun” and equally welcomed among the all tribes of eastern region of Nepal.


Rhythm : Saroj Maharjan
Harmoniyam : Narayan Subedi
Flute : Khrishna Lama & Prem Rana “Autari”
Cover Design : Rabindra Man Prajapati
Recordist & Mixted : Tanka Neupapane
Arranged : Shyam Khadki

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
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