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Mountain Magic drums of Nepal



Songs & Meanings

Jor Madal:
Among the musical Instruments of Nepal the Madal  (Drum) is very famous. This musical Instrument is very famous in different Societies of Nepal like Magar, Gurung, Tharu, Tamang & Newari community, which is one of the main communities. They also play this instrument and call it“MAGA (Khie)”. In this CD Khadga Budha presents various kinds of community Rhythm on the Madal. Artist Bharat Nepali plays Sarangi & Artist Suresh Chandra Pradhan plays Murchunga.

Drums of Newar:
In Newari community various musical Instruments can be found, among them the Rhythm music “KHIE” & “DHIME” is presented by Artist Suresh Raj Bajracharya in modern style. In Newari community “KHIE” & “DHIME” are played in happy and joyous times such as in festivals. Artist Raman Maharjan plays flute.

Drums of Tarai:
Another famous Rhythm Music Instrument of Nepal is called Dolak. This is very famous in Tarai region like Maithali, Bhojpuri and Tharu. This instrument is presented by Artist Navaraj Gurung and Babu Raja Maharjan. In Newari community Jyapu plays this instrument. The popular artist of Nepal Ram Hari Gurung plays Harmonium.

Drums of Mountain:
Mr. Navaraj Gurung presents in the Modern style various communities of Bhote like Tamang, Dhimal, Limbu, Sherpa. Suresh Bajracharya plays Tuna (Tungna)

Drums of Nepal:
Very eminent musical instruments of Nepal such as Dhamfu, Madal, Tabla & “KHIE” are presented by Artist Navaraj Gurung and Suresh Bajracharya showing that all cultures of Nepal are combined simultaneously.

Madal Tarang (Resham Phiriri):
Artist Navaraj Gurung presents in modern Beat the very famous folk song of Nepal ‘ReshamPhiriri’.

Tabla Solo:
Tabla is a very famous musical Instrument. Besides Nepal, in south Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, this instrument is also very famous. In Nepal this Instrument is used in movies songs, modern songs and in principally it is used in classical music. The Tabla can also be played as a solo instrument. In this CD Artist Navaraj Gurung gives his Solo presentation in a new-style.

Panchai Baja:
In the Damahi community, five instruments the Dholaki, Damaha, Tanko, Sahanahi and Jhalli are played together so they call it Panchai Baja. In Nepal, many communities play this musical instrument in happy times such as marriage ceremonies, here presented by Artist Krishna Darji.

From time immemorial, Jhankris, as the Nepalese faith healers & medicine men are called, have given medical care to the rural people, They are magico – religious specialists, part herbalist, part priests. Their technique is spiritual rather biological, relying on the belief that ghosts and spirits are the causes of the illness. Treatment begins using the slow beating of the drums, which is presented by Artist Khel Bahadur Lama in Dhangro (Drum) and Narendra Ale plays Dhangla (Ghanti).

Special Thank’s Artists

Mestro, Mr. Ram Hari Gurung
Saroj Instrument Shop
Surendra Maharjan
Rajiv Khadka
Raju Khadgi
Instrument Photo : Bijendra Bajracharya

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
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