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Mountain Folklore Typical Nepali Folk Songs



Mountain Folklore
Typical Nepali Folk Songs –Padam Bista & Friends

Songs & Meanings

  1. Resham Phiriri:

This is the song that is inside every Nepalese people’s heart and is sang anytime and anywhere. This song is also very famous for tourist when the tourist go to trekking the People are singing and dancing with this song.

  1. Tamang Selo:

This is a tamang song from the mid-eastern region of Nepal. This is mainly sang by young boys and young girls during different festivals and matrimonial ceremony.

  1. Hurra:

This is mainly sang in the eastern region of Nepal, Koshi Zone, usually in the great festivals like Dashain, Tihar etc.

  1. Jhyaure:

This is mainly sang for dancing altogether to forget the tense, due to day’s work, by the people in the western region of Nepal.

  1. Kaurah:

In the western region of Nepal, Gandaki Zone, this song is sang by the magars during their festivals.

  1. Tappa:

Madal and flute are the popular instruments in the mid western region of Nepal like Dang, Salyan, Puthan. It creates such a music which makes boys and girls to sing and dance anytime.

  1. Jhorah:

A festival called Baisakhe Purnima is celebrated by the Gurungs in the western region of Nepal by singing this song.

  1. Bhajan Chutka:

The brahmins in the western regions of Nepal celebrate after worshiping the god and goddess by dancing and singing this song around the temple.

  1. Dohori Geet:

This is a musical way of exchanging feelings of love between young boys and girls by asking questions and answering it.



Singer Male:

  1. Padam Bista
  2. Prem Tamang
  3. Kalyan Aale
  4. Shiva Aale
  5. Balbir Thapa
  6. Indra Gurung

Singer Female:

  1. Kushu Gurung
  2. Runa Maya
  3. Jalu Gurung
  4. Janu Gurung
  5. Sharmila Ghale
  6. Meena Prasai

Song Collections:

Padam Bista (2, 4 & 9)

Buddhi Pariyar (1)

Khadka Budha (6)

Balbir Thapa (5)

Rochak Thapa (3)

Jalu Gurung (7)

Chetan Karki (8)

Recordist :

Amit Neupani

Cover Concept:

Rabindra M. Prajapati

Special Thanks:

Nirakar J. Rana & Clive J.D.


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