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Meditative Buddhist Chants 2 Mandala Offering To Green Tara From Four Direction Part I




The Mandala Ritual called
The Essence of the Two Accumulations,
From the Mind Treasure: Tara’s Profound Essence.

Namo Guru Arya Taraye:
Having paid homage to Tara, the mother, whose bodhicitta and enlightened activity is even more wondrous than those of the Guides of the Three Times and their heirs, I will explain the practice in accordance with the Action and Conduct Tantras.

Since these profound essences are the condensed epitome of that which is utterly profound, much elaboration is unnecessary. Nevertheless, in terms of the slightly elaborate and more detailed practice versus the concise version for daily practice, here we will be concentrate on the first.

In front of whatever representation of the Three Jewels you have obtained, such as a statue, a painting, or a carved image of the Noble Lady Tara, place upon a clean altar the two waters of the general offerings the round white torma: cleansing water: an offering mandala: grains to toss and so forth. If possible, observe the conduct of ritualized bathing and purification. If you are unable to do this, carry out the practice when you have abstained from consuming meat or alcohol, for example in the morning. Having generated renunciation for samsaris existence and the motivation of bodhicitta, take refuge and develop bodhicitta as follows:

In the sky in front of me, the Esteemed Lady manifests in actuality.

I and all beings go for refuge. To the Esteemed Lady, the embodiment of the Three Jewels. Having generated the bodhicitta of aspiration, enter the profound path. Repeat this three times

The Gathering of the Accumulations :

With completely pure faith, I pay homage to the Esteemed Lady, Noble Tara,

And to all the Buddhas and their heirs, Dwelling in the ten directions and three times.

I present both actual and mentally created offerings, Such as flowers, incense, lamps, perfume, edibles, and music,

Please accept these, Assembly of the Esteemed Lady!

I confess the ten unvirtuous misdeeds, the five inexpiable actions, And all the wrong doings I have committed.

While mentally overpowered by negative emotions, Since beginning less time until now.

I rejoice in the merit of all the virtue, Accumulated throughout the three By shravakas, pratyekabudohas, bodhisattvas, Ordinary beings, and others.

I beseech you to turn the Wheel of Dharma of the greater, lesser, and common vehicles,

In accordance with the various. Mindsets and capacities of beings.

I beseech you not to pass into nirvana, Until samsara is emptied, But no compassionately look after all beings. Who are drowning in the ocean of suffering.

May whatever merit I have accumulated, Become the cause for the enlightenment of all, And, without delay, May I become a magnificent guide for beings.

The Consecration of the Offerings:
Om Benza Amrita Kundali Hana Hana Hung Pe. Om Swabhawa Shuddha Sarwa Dharma Swanhawa Shuddha Ham.

The environment becomes the realm of Lotus Display, Adorned with immeasurable shapes and ornaments.

The divine substances, the offering substances developed from samadhi, Become inconceivable.

Om Benza Argham Padyam Pushpe Dhupé Aloké Gandhé Newidye Shabda Ah Hung, Om Benza Saparana Kham

After this, first comes the homage and offerings to the Three Jewels in general:

All masters, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and the four times manifest in the sky before me. Benza Samadza.

Be the protectors of each and every sentient being!, Deities who conquer the hordes of maras,

Knowers of all things, exactly as they are,

Exalted Ones, together with your retinue, please come to this place!, Pema Kamalaya Satwam.

The Seven Branches Prayer:
Lions among humanity, Tathagatas of the three times – As many as exist throughout the worlds in the ten directions –

Without a single exception to you I pay homage, with devoted body, speech, and mind!

By the power of this aspiration prayer for excellent conduct, May I actually perceive all the Victorious Ones:

Bowing down to them with as many bodies as there are, particles throughout all the realms, To each and every one, I pay homage !

Within each particle, there are as many Buddhas dwelling, amidst Bodhisattvas, As there are particles in the universe.

In this way, I visualize the entire field of phenomena, Abundant with Victorious Ones.

With an inexhaustible ocean of praise – An ever resounding sea of myriad melodious songs

I proclaim the qualities of all Victorious Ones, And praise each and every Sugata.

With heavenly flowers, sacred garlands, cymbals, Finest perfumes, lofty parasols, Resplendent lamps, and divine incense

I make offerings to all the Victorious Ones.

With the most superb and eminent displays, of exquisite garments, enticing fragrances, and enchanted powders rivaling Mount Meru

in magnitude, I make offerings to all the Victorious Ones.

Every possible immense and unsurpassable offering, I dedicate, again and again, to each and every Sugata.

By the power of my faith in the practice of goodness, To all the Victorious Ones, these gifts I render and bow down!

Whatever non-virtue I have committed, with my body, my speech and my mind, while driven by desire, anger, and stupidity,

I confess each and every one of them! Whatever merit may exist of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Of Pratyekabuddhas, of those on the path of learning, of those on the stage of no-more-learning and of all beings, throughout the ten directions – In all of this, I rejoice! Illuminators of the ten directions of the universe. Having successively reached enlightenment the state of awakening beyond attachment – Protectors, I implore you, turn the unsurpassable Dharma Wheel Those of you who would demonstrate passing beyond suffering, Joining my palms, I beseech you! For the benefit and happiness of all sentient beings, Remain for as many eons as there are particles throughout all realms! Whatever slight virtual may have gathered, By paying homage, offering, confessing, Rejoicing, beseeching, and requesting, I dedicate towards everyone’s attainment of enlightenment. Offer the mandala with the following words: Om Ah Hung I offer all the bodies, enjoyments, and accumulated virtue of myself, and the limitless sentient beings. Along with the four continents,   Mt. Meru, the sun and the moon. And the indescribable magnitude of human and divine enjoyments Emanated unceasingly as Samantabhadra’s immense offering clouds! With devotion I offer these, without interruption, to the precious, Three Jewels, the Three Roots, as well as to the ocean of Dharma protectors and wealth devas. Having fully perfected an immense gathering of merit, May the light of primordial wakefulness increase! Om Guru Dewa Dakini Sarwa Ratna Mandala Pudza Megha Ah Hung, Request the fulfillment of wishes with the following words Namo Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Guru, Yidam Deity, Dakini, Dharma, protectors, wealth devas, and treasure lords, From the single essence of primordial wakefulness, Your unceasing nature manifests in all sorts of ways, And your compassionate enlightened activity is most marvelous! Protectors and refuse of all beings. To all of you, embodiments of wisdom and love, prostrate and take refuge from the bottom of my heart! Offering my body and enjoyments, Please always provide compassionate refuge. For myself and all the infinite number of beings! Pacify illness and injury, Increase longevity and merit, And bless us that all our wishes, without exception, May be fulfilled in keeping with the Dharma !

Next, present offerings three times, especially to the Esteemed Lady, and recite the Tantra of Praises. First, extend the invitation and present the general offerings: At the very instant of recollection, I, myself, manifest in the form of Noble Esteemed Lady in her entirety. From the green syllable TAM, residing atop a moon disc, in my heart-center, Countless light rays stream forth inviting The twenty one manifestations of the Noble Lady, and an, ocean of Rare and Supreme Ones, who proliferate, like clouds, in the sky before me Tam.

The dharmakaya expanse of unborn luminosity, Appears as the unobstructed wisdom body of the Noble Lady.. The magical illusory lattice which tames all. Come here, Arya Tare Dza !, Out of your love for myself and all beings, And through your miraculous powers, I supplicate you, Conquerors, to remain, For as long as I make offerings!

Pema Kamataya Satam Om With a Samantabhadra offering cloud, of actually present and mentally created gifts, Filling the basic field of phenomena, I honor Noble Tara and her retinue. Om Arya Tare Sapariwara Benza Argham Padyam Pushpé Dhupe Aloke Gandhe Newidye Shabda Pratitsa Soha, next, offer the specific mandala:

Om Ah Hung  I offer all the glory and riches of the three realms, and their inhabitants, My own body, enjoyments, and all gathered virtue, To those whose nature is compassion. Accepting it, please grant us your blessings! Om Sarwa Tathagata Ratna Mandala Pudza Ho. This is followed by repeating the Twenty-One Praises from the “Tantra of the King of Praises” twice.

Om With a Samantabhadra offering cloud, of actually present and mentally created gifts, Filling the basic field of phenomena, I honor Noble Tara and her retinue. Om Arya Tare Sapariwara Benza Argham Padyam Pushpe Dhupe Aloké Ganché Newidye Shabda Pratitsa Soha, With the following words, offer a mandala:

Om Ah Hung I offer all the glory and riches of the three realms, and their inhabitants. My own body, enjoyments, and all gathered virtue, To those whose nature is compassion. Accepting it, please grant us your blessings ! Om Sarwa Tathagata Ratna Mandala Pudza Ho. Her right hand, in the mudra of supreme generosity, Transforms into the mudra of granting protection. I am placed under her protection, along with all others, to be saved, And all our fears are relieved Visualizing this, recite the “Twenty One Praises” three times. Again, make offerings and present a mandala:

Om With a Samantabhadra offering cloud, Of actually present and mentally created gifts, Filling the basic field of phenomena. I honor Noble Tara and her retinue. Om Arya Tare Sapariwara Benza Argham Padyam Pushpé Dhupe Aloké Gandhe Newidye Shabda Pratitsa Soha.

Om Ah Hung I offer all glory and riches of the worlds of the three realms and their inhabitants, My Own body, enjoyments, and all gathered virtue, To those whose nature is compassion. Accepting it, please grant us your blessings. Om Sarwa Tathagata Ratna Mandala Pudza Ho. From her body flows forth a stream of nectar, which enters myself, and all those to be protected. Through the crown of our heads. By filling our entire bodies. all blessings, without exception, enter us.

Visualizing in this way, recite the “Twenty-One Praises” seven times, followed by its benefits:


Vocals: Metok Lhadon
Music Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Pema Wangdi Lama
Artwork of Tara: Metok Lhadon
Design: Norbu Lama.

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