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Journey to enchantment





24 year old Julika Weber displayed a keen sense of enthusiasm for dance and music since her early childhood. She started playing the piano from a tender age and by the time she was 18, she started singing in rock and metal bands in Italy and back home in Germany. Her keen sense of music and arts evolved over the years; actually Julika admits that she had never shown any special interest in chants. But through the power of Karma, which made her turn into a Buddhist eight years ago, she would soon come to India in order to pursue Buddhism and learn the Tibetan language (in which she is fluent ). This is the reason which brought her to get acquainted with a well-known music arranger and composer in Kathmandu, Nepal who specializes exactly in what for Julika was, until then, still a field of discovery: chants. The man who would now collaborate with her for such a venture was Pema Wangdi Lama. He would be influential and instrumental in showing and mentoring her on the way to embarkment into the mystical world of Buddhism on tunes. This collaboration gave Julika the impetus to get started with a project that would trigger her to use her musical skills in a field which most western musicians and scholars would find difficult to tread.

The album in question aims to bring out some of the most well-known Buddhist prayers and is meant to cater for the spiritual needs of not just Buddhists but those who yearn for inner balance, harmony and peace of mind. Enjoy !! 

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we
become what we think. When the
mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow
that never leaves”.



Vocals: Julika Maria Weber
Flute: Raman Maharjan
Piano: Julika Maria Weber
Drilbo: Juliete Vignon
Damaru: Julika Maria Weber

Photography: Herbert Giller and Zaira Barozzino

Music arranged by Pema Wangdi Lama
Mixed and mastered by Pema Wangdi Lama.


1. Invocation to the Guru

Glorious root Guru,
Who dwells over my head on a lotus seat,
Please hold me in your great kindness
And great me the Siddhis of body, speech and mind.


I pray to you, Lama Chenrezig.
I pray to you, Yidam Chenrezig
I pray to you, Perfect Noble Chenrezig.
I pray to you, Lord Protector Chenrezig,
I pray to you, Lord of Love Chenrezig
Great compassionate victor, please hold us with your compassion!
For the numberless beings who wander endlessly in samsara,
experiencing unbearable suffering, there is no other refuge than you!
Protector, please bestow the blessings to obtain all-knowing Buddhahood.

3.100 syllables mantra of Vajrasattva

Recitation of Vajrasatva’s mantra brings great benefit to the practitioner and has the effect of clearing
obstacles, deluded habitual tendencies, conflicting emotions, negative habits of all kinds and unresolved
karmic debts.

4.Call To The Lama From Afar

Guru think of me.
Kindest root Guru think of me.
I pray to you, precious Guru.
Kind lord of the Dharma, I call out to you with longing.
For me, unworthy one, you are the only hope
Bless me so that your mind blends with mine.
Dedication Of Merit.

May I through this virtue, after having achieved the all-knowing state and defeated all harmful enemies”, liberate all sentient beings from the ocean of Samsara, agitated by the waves of birth, old age, sickness and death.
*disturbing emotions and mental confusions*

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
    Ani Choying Drolma

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