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Bodhisattvas mantra 6



Bodhisattvas mantra 6


Chogyal Rinpoche was born in Nepal on March 4th, 1985. As a boy Rinpoche’s main passion for life was to be of service to all sentient beings in the world. When he was five years old, he entered into monastic life at Rumtek Monastery found by His Holiness 16th Karmapa. At Rumtek and Zurmang Monasteries, Rinpoche spent 10 years studying meditation and Vajrayana ritual practice & mantras. In 2000, Rinpoche continued his study of Buddhist philosophy at Dzongsar Buddhist Institute and Kalimpong ShriDivakar Buddhist Institute. In February 2010, Rinpoche graduated with a Khenpo degree in Buddhist Philosophy. From 2010 to 2013, Rinpoche went to Mt. Kailash and Mountains in Tibet to meditate with Ripas and Yogis, Today, Rinpoche travels worldwide teaching Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation.

Rinpoche has been founding non-profit organizations since 2002 Sertshang Orphanage Home, the home of 52 children, in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2007 he founded the Music Academy for 33 underprivileged children in Kalimpong, India. In 2011 he founded the Tibetan Medical Institute in the earthquake zone of Yushu, China for 24 children. In 2013 he helped to start a home for 27 HIV orphans in Nepal. From May 2014, Rinpoche has been taking care of a retreat monastery in far-east Tibet where there are 7 yogis doing 3 years 3 months meditation retreat. In the same year, he founded BIA Foundation. He is actively involved in spiritual as well as social activities with the hope of contributing in creating a better world. Rinpoche’s principal motto:

“ Help Others – Life is Beautiful “







Namgyalma is a deity for long life and purification. Her mantra has infinite benefits. It is said to be so powerful that anybody who hears it will never again be born in samsara. Therefore, if animals hear it, they will never again be reborn in the lower realms.

There is a story from the time Guru Shakyamuni Buddha was on earth concerning a deva called Paripu Denpa. Due to karma, when devas start experiencing the signs of death, they spontaneously remember their previous lives and see their future lives; they perceive that they are about to be reborn in the lower realms and so forth. Since their realm has unbelievable enjoyments thousands of times better than those of the richest country on earth, when they realize that they are about to leave a life of such pleasure and be reborn where there is incredible suffering, their minds suffer greatly.

Thus, as he was dying, the deva Denpa saw that he was about to be reborn as six types of animal dog, monkey and so forth. Very worried, he asked King Indra what to do. King Indra suggested that he see the Buddha, which he did. Buddha manifested as the deity Namgyalma and gave him the mantra. Denpa recited it six times daily and in seven days completely changed his karma so that he did not have to be reborn as those six types of animal. The Namgyalma mantra is unbelievably powerful for purification.


Mantra of Machig Labdrön:


Om A Hong bam Guru ha ri ni sa shi di Hong. Machig Labdrön rightly takes her place in history beside eleventh and twelfth century, same time with Milarepa. She is the one who introduce Chӧd practice. Chӧd,” means through all the afflictive emotions and thoughts, and then establishing the nature of emptiness. In the Chӧd visualization, as one chants with faith, everything is cut through in the nature of emptiness. Chant this mantra creates the conditions under which one can develop the mind of conventional bodhichitta, which holds others as more dear than oneself, and the mind of ultimate bodhichitta, which sees reality as it truly is

(wisdom ).


Achi Chokyi Drolma Mantra:


Om Mama Tsakra Soha Yar Du Sarwa Du Ra Dza Ra Dza Du Mama Du Hung Phat Soha . She is the emanation of Vajra Yogini who is the embodiment of the wisdom and compassion of all the Buddhas. She is on her blue wisdom horse to symbolize the swiftness of her enlightened activities, and she holds a wish-fullfilling jewel to symbolize her ability to bestow everything needed and desired when asked.

She is the main dharma protector of Drikung Kagyu lineage and Buddha dharma. Chanting her mantra can remove inner and outer obstacles to practice and laying the groundwork for circumstances best suited to our progress along the path. Those who practice her meditation and recite her mantra are sure to be protected from obstacles and hindrances.



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