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A Musical Pilgrimage



Songs & Meaning :


This track attempts to portray the mystical heights of the mighty Himalayas. It paints a mystical landscape of slopes and prairies where Yaks graze against breathtaking backdrops of the pristine Himalayas. Backed up with steady western beat, it is adorned with melodies choice picked from northern Nepal. The traditional Sherpa instrument Peyong’ is played by Tshering Gyurmey.

Jhan Jaka Maya Kyana

Jhan Jhan Maya Kyana is a traditional song of the Newar community, the original inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley, Literally translating to “Your love grows upon me” this playful tune hints at the gregarious and highly developed cultural sense of the Newar community. Fused with Jazzy backbeats, the track has been tastily presented to the world audience.

Shiva Dance

The essence of Shiva the destroyer has been captured in this track. Conceptually based on the Shiva’s cataclysmic dance more popularly known as “Tandav”, the track is a slow build up to a percussive crescendo firmly based on raga ‘Yamana’. Shiva Mukhia lends his voice on the track.

Wind of Naeba

This track is inspired by the bands’ visits to the hill station Naeba while on musical tours in Japan. The melodies are reminiscent of the deeply relaxing, and soothing atmosphere of Naeba.

Resham Firiri

This is the group’s second take on the quintessential Nepali folk song that is instantly recognizable amidst a plethora of renditions and improvisations. It is an ode to the immortal tune, one that is a definitive moniker of Nepali music. To keep the musical integrity intact, the central thematic tune has been played on a Sarangi by Hari Saran Nepali. Prasta Rai lends her voice upon a R&B base.


The tune is a fine amalgam between Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese melodies, all seamlessly interwoven into a single piece of music that is instantly gratifying to listen to. Jasmine is an imaginary girl character of a pastoral community in the upper reaches of the Tibetan plateau, who is out on her daily duties herding her stock.

Saal Ko Paat

Saal Ko Paat is a bold and straight forward mix of Latino rhythms with melodic lines from the Nepali folk repository

Rhythm of Nepal

In an attempt to introduce the vibrancy of Nepali ethnic music to the world, the band again borrows from the Newari musicology which is in essence predominantly of percussive nature. The main instrument featured is the ‘Dhime drum which is supported by hand cymbals. The Dhime is usually played loud in a cacophonic tandem of complex beats.

Special Thanks:

Upendra and Friends would like to thank their families, friends, Rajiv R. Shakya, Masahiko Hidaka (Smash Corporation). Hideo Kaneko, Misuzu Fukuda, Izmi Kaneko.

Mixed & Mastered by: Shiva Mukhiya

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
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    PDCST 08 – mp3
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