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03 Mandala Offering



Mandala Offering

The Consecration of the Offerings:

Om Benza Amrita Kundali Hana Hana Hung Pe. Om Swabhawa Shuddha Sarwa Dharma Swanhawa Shuddha Ham.

The environment becomes the realm of Lotus Display, Adorned with immeasurable shapes and ornaments.

The divine substances, the offering substances developed from samadhi, Become inconceivable.

Om Benza Argham Padyam Pushpe Dhupé Aloké Gandhé Newidye Shabda Ah Hung, Om Benza Saparana Kham

After this, first comes the homage and offerings to the Three Jewels in general:

All masters, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and the four times manifest in the sky before me. Benza Samadza.

Be the protectors of each and every sentient being!, Deities who conquer the hordes of maras,

Knowers of all things, exactly as they are,

Exalted Ones, together with your retinue, please come to this place!, Pema Kamalaya Satwam.

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