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02 Seven Branch Offering



Seven Branch Offering


I and all beings go for refuge. To the Esteemed Lady, the embodiment of the Three Jewels. Having generated the bodhicitta of aspiration, enter the profound path. Repeat this three times

The Gathering of the Accumulations :

With completely pure faith, I pay homage to the Esteemed Lady, Noble Tara,

And to all the Buddhas and their heirs, Dwelling in the ten directions and three times.

I present both actual and mentally created offerings, Such as flowers, incense, lamps, perfume, edibles, and music,

Please accept these, Assembly of the Esteemed Lady!

I confess the ten unvirtuous misdeeds, the five inexpiable actions, And all the wrong doings I have committed

While mentally overpowered by negative emotions, Since beginning less time until now.

I rejoice in the merit of all the virtue, Accumulated throughout the three By shravakas, pratyekabudohas, bodhisattvas, Ordinary beings, and others.

I beseech you to turn the Wheel of Dharma of the greater, lesser, and common vehicles,

In accordance with the various. Mindsets and capacities of beings.

I beseech you not to pass into nirvana, Until samsara is emptied, But no compassionately look after all beings. Who are drowning in the ocean of suffering.

May whatever merit I have accumulated, Become the cause for the enlightenment of all, And, without delay, May I become a magnificent guide for beings.

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
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