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01 Refuge and Bodhichitta



Refuge and Bodhichitta

Namo Guru Arya Taraye:

Having paid homage to Tara, the mother, whose bodhicitta and enlightened activity is even more wondrous than those of the Guides of the Three Times and their heirs, I will explain the practice in accordance with the Action and Conduct Tantras.

Since these profound essences are the condensed epitome of that which is utterly profound, much elaboration is unnecessary. Nevertheless, in terms of the slightly elaborate and more detailed practice versus the concise version for daily practice, here we will be concentrate on the first.

In front of whatever representation of the Three Jewels you have obtained, such as a statue, a painting, or a carved image of the Noble Lady Tara, place upon a clean altar the two waters of the general offerings the round white torma: cleansing water: an offering mandala: grains to toss and so forth. If possible, observe the conduct of ritualized bathing and purification. If you are unable to do this, carry out the practice when you have abstained from consuming meat or alcohol, for example in the morning. Having generated renunciation for samsaris existence and the motivation of bodhicitta, take refuge and develop bodhicitta as follows:

In the sky in front of me, the Esteemed Lady manifests in actuality.

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    01. Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Master Lama
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