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01 Ofering the Torma of Consciousness



The torma offering:

Cleanse and purify with: Om benza amrita kundali hana hana hung pe. Om swabhawa shuddho, Sarwa dharmah, Swabhawa shuddho hang,  rom the state of emptiness, from the syllable. Om, within a spacious preeminent bejeweled vessel. A torma appears from the three seed-syllables. And transforms into the undefiled nectar of primordial wakefulness.

Om Ah Hung Repeat this three times:Om arya tare sapariwara idam balingta khakha khahi Kahi,repeat this three times, as an offering to the principle goddess.

Om akaro mukham sarwa dharma nam adya nut pan natta0ta om ah hung pé soha, Repeat this three times as a gift to the guests.

With the following words, request the fulfillment of your wishes:

Om With your great wisdom, Acknowledge the gift of this sacred torma, and accepting it with immense delight. Please grant all spiritual accomplishments, excluding none.

Om arya tare sapariwara benza argham padyam pushpe dhupe aloké gandhe newidya shabda pratitsa soha.

Om Noble Tara, of Amitabha’s Lotus family, You appeared from the face of the mighty Lord of the World, Avalokitesvara. Exemplifying the enlightened activity of all buddhas, Noble Tara, I praise and prostrate to you with bodies as numerous as the particles throughout the universe ! With utmost faith, l unceasingly praise those worthy of veneration and pay homage to them!

Next join your palms and say: Esteemed Noble Lady, together with your retinue, Consider me lovingly with your non-referential compassion! Please bless me that my wishes may be fully accomplished without any obstacles. Please cause the Buddha’s teachings to flourish and prosper. Please ensure that the doctrine-holders remain in harmony and live long. Please pacify all harmful hindrances. Please increase the activities of teachings and practice. Please pacify sickness, famine, and strife. Please increase glory and fortune connected to the Dharma. Please strengthen the power and influence of rulers who sustain the Dharma. Please ensure that all countries everywhere enjoy happiness. Temporarily and ultimately, please protect us from all fears, such as the eighteen terror, untimely death, Nightmares, bad omens, the sufferings of samsara, and the lower realms. Please increase longevity, merit, charisma, experience, and realization. Please ensure that non virtuous thoughts never arise. Please let the two types of bodhichitta effortlessly arise. Please ensure that all wishes be accomplished in accordance with the Dharma. From now until we accomplish the essence of enlightenment, so that we may become completely indivisible. Please gaze upon me constantly with your compassion, Just as a mother gazes upon her only child. With these words, make the particular supplication for the fulfillment of your wishes and invoke the sacred bond. The front visualization melts into light and dissolves into me. By the blessing of our becoming completely indivisible, I myself, appear in the form of Noble Tara – Visible yet devoid of inherent nature. Concentrate on the clear appearance and the pride of yourself being the Noble Lady, and recite the ten syllable mantra as much as you can.

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